Corial 200FA RIE Etch system

Designed for fast and cost-effective deprocessing of dies and packaged dies

Corial 200FA RIE system in brief

The Corial 200FA combines the advantages of high rates with low cost of ownership for IC failure analysis applications.

This equipment is installed in major fabs worldwide and features simple, direct loading of packaged dies, and dies up to 10x10 mm.

The Corial 200FA RIE plasma etcher uses an ultra-high-density plasma source and is designed for etching polymers and dielectrics.

The cathode design (Hollow Cathode Discharge principle) creates a small plasma volume of only a few cubic centimeters. It is well suited for die and packaged die deprocessing for IC failure analysis.

Key benefits



The Hollow Cathode Discharge (HCD) plasma source creates a small volume / high density plasma for fast and clean etching:
SiO2 (200 nm/min), Si3N4 (500 nm/min), and polymers (2000 nm/min), without metal erosion



Small footprint (0.81 m2) system with direct manual loading

Low maintenance requirements



Wide process pressure operating range (from 30 mT to 100 mT) enables profile control and high anisotropic or isotropic etch rates



A range of adaptors conveniently accommodates a variety of sample shapes and sizes for use with the cathode, with no need to replace parts

Related processes

Typical applications served by the Corial 200FA for IC failure analysis include:

  • Isotropic polyimide removal
  • Isotropic & anisotropic nitride removal
  • Isotropic & anisotropic oxide removal

Anisotropic silicon nitride (Si3N4) removal on die

Nitride deprocessing

  • Selectivity vs. mask > 50:1
  • Etch rate 500 nm/min
  • Roughness < 5

Isotropic silicon nitride (Si3N4) removal on die

Nitride deprocessing

  • Selectivity vs. mask > 50:1
  • Etch rate 700 nm/min
  • Roughness < 5

Isotropic polyimide removal on die

Polyimide deprocessing

  • Etch depth 5000 nm
  • Etch rate 1500 nm/min
  • Roughness < 5

Anisotropic silicon dioxide (SiO2) removal on die

Oxide deprocessing

  • Selectivity vs. mask > 50:1
  • Etch rate 250 nm/min
  • Roughness < 10


Based on a modular design approach, the Corial 200FA is upgradeable with a wide range of features.

Additional gas inputs

Additional gas inputs

Additional gas inputs (up to 8) for more complex process gas combinations

Quartz substrate holder

Quartz substrate holder for wafer deprocessing up to 200 mm

Laser interferometry

automated EPD to prevent TiN or metals etch

End point detection by laser interferometry to prevent TiN or metals etch

Light tower

The signal light tower provides an easy-to-view indicator of the system’s processing status