Corial 200S RIE etch system

Compact, easy-to-use equipment for fluorine-based etching

Corial 200S RIE etch system in brief

This simple-to-use, manually-loaded RIE system can etch a wide range of materials including silicon, silicon-based compounds, metals, and polymers with fluorinated gases.

The Corial 200S is ideal for R&D and can process substrates from small wafer pieces to full 200 mm wafers, thanks to a large variety of substrate holders.

The RIE reactor of the Corial 200S system can be equipped with a Ni coated liner, which extends time between cleans.

With helium back side cooling of the substrate, high sputter rates can be achieved (> 50 nm/min), while preserving the photoresist mask.

Key benefits



Small footprint (0.81 m2) system with rapid substrate loading and unloading

Low maintenance requirements



Excellent process control enabled by efficient substrate cooling

Excellent etch control and etch rate determination with end-point detection

Related processes

Typical materials that can be processed with the Corial 200S RIE system include:

  • Silicon and silicon-based compounds (SiO2, SiNx, Si)
  • Polymers: Polyimide, BCB, Photoresist
  • Metals: Au, Pt, Fe, Cu, PZT, Ti, TiN, TiW, W, Ta, TaN, Ge, Nb, NbN, Mo

Silicon Nitride (Si3N4) etch with RIE plasma etch technology


  • Etch depth 500 nm
  • Etch rate > 70 nm/min
  • Selectivity vs. Si underlayer > 7

Tantalum (Ta) etch with RIE plasma etch technology


  • Etch profile > 85°
  • Etch rate > 90 nm/min

Metal back sputtering with RIE plasma etch technology


  • Selectivity vs. PR mask > 1
  • Etch depth 200 nm
  • Etch rate > 50 nm/min

Silicon (Si) etch with RIE plasma etch technology


  • Etch depth 500 nm
  • Etch rate 120 nm/min


The Corial 200S RIE etch system can be thoroughly customized with a wide range of features.

Additional gas inputs

Additional gas inputs


Additional gas inputs (up to 8) for more complex process gas combinations

Chamber for sputter-etch

RIE chamber for sputter-etch


The RIE process chamber is designed for etching and/or sputtering of thin films on any kind of substrate, up to 200 mm diameter. The reactor is equipped with a removable liner to collect etch by-products and/or sputtered materials, to increase time between cleans

Laser interferometry

automated EPD to prevent TiN or metals etch

End point detection by laser interferometry to enhance etch control through automated measurement of etch rate and etch depth

Light tower


The signal light tower provides an easy-to-view indicator of the system’s processing status