Corial 360RL RIE etch system

Cost-effective mask repair technology and optoelectronics device manufacturing using the Corial 360RL system

Corial 360RL RIE etch system in brief

With chrome and quartz etch capabilities, the Corial 360RL RIE system is ideally suited for mask repair. This product can process mask sizes from 2” x 2” up to 8” x 8”, thanks to a wide array of substrate holders.

The 360RL design includes a large cathode that facilitates substrate loading, and enables high chromium etch rates together with high selectivity to the PR. The substrate holders are simply clamped on the cathode without the need for any screws or fasteners.

Equipped with a load lock, the Corial 360RL is capable of etching III-V compounds such as GaAs, GaP, GaN, and AlGaN, using chlorinated gases. The tool accommodates batch sizes of 7 X 4” or 3 X 6” wafers.

The Corial 360RL system can be upgraded with the next generation RIE process chamber, designed for etching and/or thin film sputtering, with any type of substrate up to 300 mm diameter.

Key benefits



The RF match box operating range (from 100 W to 2000 W) supports a wide range of customer applications

The vacuum load lock enables using a combination of fluorinated and chlorinated chemistries in the same tool



Large area cathode facilitates substrate loading and results in high etch rates of III-V compounds and chrome

Fast RIE rates: Cr (50 nm/min), SiO2 (50 nm/min), and Si3N4 (60 nm/min)

Fast RIE sputter-etch rate of metals: (50 nm/min)



Cost-effective mask repair technology

Pumping system optimized for corrosive environment decreases maintenance requirement



Optimized helium backside cooling results in excellent process and wafer temperature control, and greater flexibility to process a wide range of materials

Vacuum load lock for stable and repeatable process conditions

Related processes

Typical materials that can be processed with the Corial 360RL RIE system include:

  • Chrome and quartz for photomask repair
  • Silicon and silicon-based compounds (SiO2, SiNx, Si)
  • Polymers: Polyimide, BCB, Photoresist
  • Metals: Au, Pt, Fe, Cu, PZT, Ti, TiN, TiW, W, Ta, TaN, Ge, Nb, NbN, Mo

Chrome (Cr) etch with RIE plasma etch technology


  • Selectivity vs. quartz > 20:1
  • Etch rate 50 nm/min
  • Uniformity < ± 3%

Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) RIE etch


  • Etch depth 800 nm
  • Etch profile 88°
  • Etch rate 50 nm/min

Highly selective GaAs etch process


  • Selectivity vs. PR mask > 6:1
  • Etch depth 1 µm
  • Etch rate 300 nm/min

Anisotropic GaN etch process


  • Uniformity ±5
  • Etch rate 200 nm/min
  • Selectivity vs. SiO2 mask > 5:1


The Corial 360RL RIE etch system can be thoroughly customized with a wide range of features.

Additional gas inputs

Additional gas inputs

Additional gas inputs (up to 8) for more complex process gas combinations

Chamber for sputter-etch

RIE chamber for sputter-etch

The RIE process chamber is designed for etching and/or sputtering of thin films on any kind of substrate, up to 300 mm diameter. The reactor is equipped with a retractable liner to collect etch by-products and/or sputtered materials, to increase time between cleans.

Wide temperature range cathode

Cathode supports low temperature capability down to -30°C

Variety of power supplies

Higher watt power supplies

Higher output power supplies with automatic matching network

Variety of pumps

Dry Vacuum pump and TMP pump with varied pumping rate for increased control over the process chamber pressure

Laser interferometry

End point detection by laser interferometry to enhance etch control through automated measurement of etch rate and etch depth

End point detection by laser interferometry to enhance etch control through automated measurement of etch rate and etch depth