Corial PS SERIES – Modular single-wafer platform

Platforms supporting a wide range of process module options

Corial has developed the PS SERIES to address customer requirements for volume manufacturing while maintaining low cost of ownership.

The PS SERIES are fully automated single-wafer platforms that employ a cassette-to-cassette handler. The platforms can be equipped with up to 3 process modules from Corial’s system portfolio.

The PS SERIES platforms, together with Corial’s process modules, deliver best-in-class uniformity and process repeatability for a wide range of applications.

Corial PS200, 200 mm platform

Corial PS200, 200 mm single wafer platform

The Corial PS200 accommodates up to 3 process modules (RIE, ICP-RIE, and PECVD). The platform is available for 4’’, 6’’, or 8’’ wafers, configured with industry-standard Brooks vacuum robot and cassette elevator.