Corial PS200, 200 mm platform

Single-wafer platform designed for high throughput, process repeatability, and low CoO

Corial PS200 cluster based platform in brief

From direct manual loading to fully automated handling, CORIAL’s product range offers the ability to maximize tool flexibility and asset utilization, as needed by our customers

The Corial PS200 is a 4-sided, multi-module platform with fully-automated cassette-to-cassette handling.

The Corial PS200 supports 4’’, 6’’, or 8’’wafer processing with no compromise on process performance. The system handling uses Brooks’ vacuum robot and cassette elevator. The cassette size depends on substrate thicknesses.

The Corial PS200 accommodates up to 3 Corial process modules, which can be a combination of RIE, ICP-RIE, or PECVD reactors from the CORIAL 200 series.

Corial PS200 is a platform designed for production in a wide range of applications in specialty semiconductor markets.


Key benefits



2080 mm x 1300 mm (excluding dry pump)



Up to 3 different process modules to accommodate all customer process needs

Mechanical clamping or electrostatic chuck options



Transfer module based on Brooks MagnaTran® 7 (MAG 7) vacuum robot for precise, reliable, and automated wafer transport

Cassette-to-cassette processing for best-in-class uniformity and process repeatability

Process modules

Corial 210RL

Corial 210RL RIE etch module
  • Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) system
  • Etching of silicon, silicon compounds, polymers and metals

Corial 210IL

Corial 210IL ICP-RIE etch module
  • Inductively coupled plasma reactive ion etch (ICP-RIE) system
  • III-VI compound etching
  • Fast etch rates and excellent uniformities

Corial D250

Corial D250 PECVD etch module
  • PECVD system with in-situ plasma cleaning
  • Low temperature PECVD capability
  • High temperature SiO2, Si3N4, SiOCH, SiOF, SiC and aSi-H films deposition