Plasma-Therm ‘RANKED 1st’ for Etch & Clean Equipment in Annual Survey of Semiconductor Industry Customers

Plasma-Therm ‘RANKED 1st’ for Etch & Clean Equipment

ST. PETERSBURG, FL. (June 21, 2019) – Plasma-Therm has again been named the top supplier of etch and clean equipment for semiconductor manufacturing, according to the results of a global survey of industry customers.

Plasma-Therm earned the RANKED 1st award in the category “Etch and Clean Equipment” in the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey conducted by VLSIresearch. Plasma-Therm has won the RANKED 1st Etch & Clean Equipment honor for eight straight years — every year since the category was first awarded in 2012.

Bill Davis, Global Customer Service Manager, commented that, “In today’s competitive semiconductor equipment market place we continue to differentiate with our service.  Our diverse customer base and the complex nature of the equipment has always driven our dedicated team approach. This approach supports frequent, quality communication and promotes a collaborative relationship with our customers. We believe this partnership contributes to success.”

In the 2019 Customer Satisfaction Survey, Plasma-Therm earned four RANKED 1st awards in the categories of 10 BEST Focused Suppliers of Chip Making Equipment, THE BEST Fab Equipment, and THE BEST Suppliers of Fab Equipment to Specialty Chipmakers in addition to winning in the category of Etch and Clean Equipment.

About Plasma-Therm
Established in 1974, Plasma-Therm is a manufacturer of advanced plasma processing equipment for specialty semiconductor markets, including advanced packaging, wireless communication, photonics, solid-state lighting, MEMS/NEMS, nanotechnology, renewable energy, data storage, photomask, and R&D. Plasma-Therm offers leading etch and deposition technologies and solutions for these markets. Sales and service locations throughout North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific meet the diverse needs of Plasma-Therm’s global customer base. Visit for more information.

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