We strive to be not only your supplier of etch and deposition systems, but also a trusted partner focused on the success of your projects.

Application support


Application support is provided by our team of highly qualified applications engineers. Our applications lab is equipped with tools and a complete range of characterization techniques. This enables us to support our customers with the development of deposition and etch processes that run accurately, repeatably and reliably in 24/7 production.



Support Terms

CORIAL application support is unlimited and free-of-charge for all pre-installed recipes. Upon customer request, we can also provide standard recipes for material not covered by the sales agreement.

Free support for development of etching and deposition processes
Hardware support for etching systems and deposition systems

Hardware and software support


Our technical support service provides you with the expertise of our skilled and experienced engineers, for real-time assistance and to answer all your questions related to equipment operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.


We provide hotline support and secure remote support to customers through our Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Support Terms

Hardware and software support is provided free of charge for 1 year starting at customer hardware acceptance.


We offer service or annual maintenance contracts. These include verifying equipment status, compliance to specifications, and carrying out the normal periodic maintenance operations.

Maintenance of CORIAL's etching tools and deposition tools
Spare part for CORIAL's etching tool


Global support and sales network

To guarantee the quickest response time, we support our customers through a global support and sales network. To order spares, please contact your local CORIAL distributor.



Availability of spare parts is guaranteed for 10 years.

Acceptance test

Helping users through the installation and start up process is a key objective toward the efficient and safe use of our equipment.

For each tool shipped from our factory, CORIAL performs, free of charge, the system installation, a step-by-step review of the equipment with the customer to ensure its proper operation, and the start-up of the equipment.

Customer acceptance policy
Full customer support



Hardware warranty

After customer acceptance, a free 1 year warranty is provided for equipment (including parts, labor, travel expenses). CORIAL warranty covers manufacturing defects and component failures.


Software warranty

Software is protected by a 10-year warranty, which cover bug fixes and enhanced features.